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Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and conditions of use regulate the use of the Lisbon Libraries Network website, property of the Lisbon City Council. We recommend its reading before proceeding with the visit to our website.


The current Terms and Conditions of Use govern the use of the website hereinafter referred  to as “website”, property of the LISBON CITY COUNCIL , hereinafter referred to as LCC.

Objectives/Services: The LCC websites’ main objectives are to offer users content, news, institutional information, among others.

Should you wish to contact the LCC  on issues related to the website, please contact us at the  following email:

Access to and use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user, who is subject to accepting the present terms and conditions for use as well as its Privacy Policy  and Personal Data Protection information. The use of this website as well as the relationship between the LCC and its users is governed by the applicable Portuguese Law.

The LCC reserves the right to change the present Terms and Conditions of Use, or to review the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection information presently identified whenever it deems necessary, at any given time, with or without prior warning.  Click on “Terms and Conditions of Use” on the website to consult the updated version. The latest version of Terms and Conditions of Use substitutes all previous versions.

If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions of Use, do not use the website. These Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Information represent a contract between the user and the LCC and are applicable when using this website. It is the user’s responsibility to read and review them each time they use the website in order to know about any changes that might have occurred,  since their rights are affected.


The “website content” is understood to be all the information included on this website, namely, text, images, photos, videos, illustrations, graphic design, web design.

All content is protected by Copyrights and  Associated Rights, and Industrial Property Rights, under Portuguese Law and European Union Law, international conventions and other laws, therefore not  to be used outside the conditions allowed on this website without the agreement of the LCC.

The contents of the website , or any other industrial or intellectual property rights therein included are property of the LCC, thus its use by a non- authorized third party is strictly forbidden. The content of the website is  available solely for personal use and to inform. It cannot be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, publicised, sold, licenced or in any other way used for a different end without prior written consent by its owner. The user declares it will not use, deactivate or interfere with the resources connected to the security of the website or the application.

The user may, however, print material on this website, as long as the material does not undergo any changes,  that it will be used for personal non commercial purposes, and the source as well as the copyrights are identified and as long as any other property identification is not removed.

Nothing on this website should be interpreted as permission for any type of licence or other authorisation for its users.

The Website might contain images and other material whose copyright belong to a third party, for example suppliers and other entities who contribute to its creation or maintenance (for example photos from an image pool)

Even though the personal data supplied to the LCC is covered by the  Privacy Policy  and Personal Data Protection information, under the present Terms and Conditions of Use, any other information or  content that the user transmits through this website, be it through email, files or any other means, will be considered non- confidential and non reserved.


The user agrees that  using the Website is of their sole responsibility.  To the full extent of the law, the LCC is exempt form any guarantees, explicit or implicit, regarding the use of the Website. The LCC does not assure the accuracy of the contents available on its websites, and does not assume any responsibility or  liability for any (I) errors or vague contents  (ii) personal damage or damage to property, of any nature, resulting from access and use of the websites and application, (iii) non authorised access or the use of our secured servers and/or personal information, (iv) interruptions or loss  of transmission from or to our page, (iv – nota: o numero iv está repetido) errors, viruses, trojan viruses or similar, which may be transmitted to or through the website, and/or (v) errors or omissions in the contents, or any loss or damage which occurs  due to use of contents published, sent, transmitted  or made available through the website (vi) unavailability or any difficulty or failure to download or access the content or any other failure in the communication system which may result in the website being unavailable.

The LCC resrves the right to make changes and corrections, change the name, suspend or close the website whenever it is deemed necessary without any need for prior warning to the users.


The LCC does not control or manage information, products or services of contents provided by a third party to the LCC websites, nor any links to other websites on the internet, thus it cannot be made liable for errors of any nature, incorrect data pertaining to these websites and /or contents, including its privacy policies and practice. The inclusion of content provided by a third party and links on the LCC website does not imply acceptance of its content or any connection to its owners. Moreover, it does not imply that the LCC has any rights over the contents of the aforementioned websites.

Access and visits to such third party websites are of the sole responsibility of the user. The user is responsible for any use and all the ensuing consequences.

The LCC disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect and /or accidental damage resulting from the use or inability to use the materials on this website. Furthermore, it does not control nor is it responsible for any illegal, offensive or defamatory conduct by its users.

The website is controlled and offered by the LCC from facilities in Portugal. Whomever accesses or uses the website from other jurisdictions, does so by their own initiative and is responsible for compliance with local laws.

The electronic publications on this website are under Portuguese Law,  to the extent that it is applicable to them,  namely responsibility for the facts, opinions, articles and commentaries of people or entities duly identified, as well as regarding protection of sources and other duties, rights and liberties applicable to the written press.


The user may download or copy material for personal use only, while the LCC holds the respective copyrights.

The user obliges himself/herself not to attack or commit illegal actions against the LCC systems or websites, and will be held responsible and bears all costs associated to the illegal actions assigned to them for which they have been accused. Among other things, we consider illegal actions:

a) Accessing a non authorized area/account and respective information;

b) Testing and assessing the vulnerability of the system and breaking the installed security;

c) Installing or attempting to install a virus on the site;

d) Sending unsolicited emails which include promotions or publicity to products or services;

e) Triggering or attempting to trigger attacks such as “denial of service”


The LCC reserves the right to suspend or interrupt access to the LCC websites, for a period deemed necessary, for technical, administrative reasons or force majeure or other. Subject to the provisions of the preceding point, the LCC cannot be held liable for negligence occurring from access suspension or interruption.


Subject to non disclosure agreement ( as best endeavour practice) regarding the use of personal data ( to know our policy on Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection information click here), the LCC alerts you to the risks connected to the internet and data bases, as it is possible that the personal data  contained on the website may be captured and/or transferred by a third party, namely in countries whose data bases are  still poorly developed and where protection is lacking and inefficient. The users, when accessing the LCC websites must accept the risks attached to being on the internet, namely the risk of possible open ended data transfer.


The LCC website users declare and ensure full knowledge  of the characteristics and constraints, limitations and shortcomings of the Internet, namely that the transmission of data and information via Internet are only technically relatively viable, circulating in heterogeneous networks of diverse technical characteristics and features, which disrupt the process or make it inaccessible during certain periods of time. The users acknowledge that any website/portal is subject to non authorised third party interference which can lead to interruption, and that the information which circulates on the Internet is not protected against possible deviations (open access), against possible viruses, and that any person can create a link with access to the website/portal and/or elements contained therein,  thus accepting the inherent risks. The LCC cannot, under any circumstance, be made responsible for accidental or voluntary damage to the user, caused or not by a third party, regarding the use of services supplied by the websites or elsewhere in the Internet to which they may have had access through it. The LCC is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the service, including virus contamination.


Through our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection information we wish to make known to the users the general rules for personal data processing, which are collected and processed strictly obeying and respecting what is stipulated in the personal data protection legislation in force at the time, namely  Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, 27 April 2016 (“GDPR”).


These Terms and Conditions of Use and any rights or licences granted herein may not be transferred or assigned by the user. The LCC can, however, assign them to a third party with no restrictions.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection information are governed by Portuguese Law and will be interpreted according to Portuguese Law.

Conflicts or disputes of any nature relating to the  formation, enforcement, or interpretation of this Contract, are governed by Portuguese Law and subject to the Judicial Courts of the Judicial District of Lisbon, with express waver of all other.

Last updated: 3 January 2020