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Where the beat doesn’t stop

Designed by the architect Hestnes Ferreira, with an area of approximately 3000 m2 and housing an auditorium which holds 172 people, the main building of the Marvila Library is in the old Quinta das Flores to which a new building was added in the old Lagar de Azeite (Olive Press).

Inaugurated on November 27, 2016, the Marvila Library allows us to take a fresh look at the city. It is established in an area of Lisbon undergoing rapid transformation, where a rural and industrial past is still clearly visible but making way for new residents and new ways of living.

More than a facility of access to books and culture this library sees itself as a place of the community for the community, where conversations and ideas, memories and ways of looking at the future are exchanged and the many get-togethers are capable of creating new dynamics and new audiences bringing forth artistic creation.

From its vast programme selection, we can highlight “Marvila Days”, with many shows, debates, exhibitions that take place all over Marvila, in patenership with various entities; the Bibliogamers, focused on games and videogames (which makes this library an all time favourite for gamers!); the Human Library, a project aimed at fighting against discrimination and winner of the Acesso a Cultura prize; as well as two projects, where the community is encouraged to participate directly, which are the street festival “Sê Bairrista” in partnership with Grupo Comunitário 4 Crescente and Gebalis, and “Meio no Meio”, a project which is developed in partnership with ArteemRede and aims to promote social inclusion through artistic workshops of theatre, visual arts and Hip-hop and dance.

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