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LGBTI Visibility Activities

In 2008, upon an extensive internal participative process, the Lisbon Libraries Network Mission and Vision was defined and its nuclear values identified. The result is clear evidence of the willingness of the Lisbon Libraries to assume the role of active agents of inclusion, be it through its Mission “To take part in the building of cohesive and inclusive communities  prepared for the challenges of the 21st century […]”, or its Vision “[…] a network of excellence, based on diversity and innovation” or its Values, one of which is: “Inclusion: to promote diversity, integration and respect for the other.”

At the same time, the Lisbon Libraries adopted the statement “ People make the Library” as its brand signature for its marketing products, thus establishing its commitment to promote social integration at all levels.

In 2019, to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of  the uprising at Stonewall, a significant date in the fight for the rights of LGBTI+ , the Lisbon Libraries started a programme of activities to promote the visibility of the LGBTI+ community with the objective of actively contributing for their recognition and integration in society and to create conditions for a safer and more inclusive social access to the Lisbon Libraries and to culture in general.