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Marvila Days

Marvila Days are a celebration in the Marvila area.

The first edition was in 2017, having been challenged by the Maria Matos Theatre to develop a cultural programme aimed at the Marvila and Alvalade residents as well as those of the whole city.

In 2018, the Marvila Library ensured the continuity of this project, with the objective of creating a cultural offer of proximity mainly by co- working with existing partners in the area.

Currently, Marvila Days offer a cultural and artistic programme which aims to promote social and territorial cohesion and fights against the social stigma commonly associated to the neighbourhoods of the Marvila Parish. The programme is designed in collaboration with residents, local associations as well as other public institutions, along with artists and cultural organisations.

Since 2018, this event has been held biannually. It takes place in the first two weeks of October and  is drawn up based, on the one hand, upon the centre/periphery combination and,  on the other, on a programme which not only attracts residents of the outer city to Marvila but also takes those who live in Marvila to other cultural spaces in the city.

The programme includes a wide range of activities, namely theatre, dance, music, performance, workshops, tour visits, exhibitions, debates, and many other proposals that arise from the participative work, which is conceived and developed with the local community.

The 2nd edition of Marvila Days was part of the ROCK project –  Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural heritage in Creative and Knowledge cities. This project aims to develop an innovative, collaborative and systemic approach to promote the regeneration of the riverside area of Beato-Marvila and establish a link to the Lisbon historical centre.