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Auditorium Programming

The multi-purpose Auditorium of the Marvila Library welcomes up-coming artists as well as  community related activities, focussing on culture as a source of growth, change and transformation of that same community.

The Auditorium programme, in line with the Library, exists primarily to improve the quality of life of all those living in Marvila but also of those living in the Lisbon area, providing access to educational, leisure, cultural and informative activities, such as Marvila Days, Bibliogamers, or the Seaguls in Marvila.

The programme is developed based on two premises:

  • a space of proximity for the community, by promoting local artists
  • a place of discovery of new languages and artistic creation committed to the community, promoting artists’ work or emerging proposals.

The work promoted by the Library, particularly in the auditorium, considering its multifunctionality and the technical capacity of the space, encourages the creative process, promoting the development of artists residencies, workshops and technical tests.