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Programme for the Development of Digital Literacy

The Lisbon City Council, through the Development and Training Department promotes in some of the Lisbon Libraries the Inclusion and Literacy Digital Programme.

This programme consists of 10 short courses in Digital Skills, and its objective is to demystify the use of technology in our daily life, through digital, practical and informal workshops, in order that all may explore the democratic and creative potential of the internet.

Course 1 – Learn how to use the computer.

Course 2 – Safely surf the net

Course 3 – Communicate with family and friends online.

Course 4 – Digital citizenship – Using public online services

Course 5 – Digital Creativity – Share photos, make videos and blogs.

Course 6 – Text processing – Write and edit word documents

Course 7 – Excel files: make tables, graphs and budgets.

Course 8 – Creating presentations on the computer.

Course 9 – Curriculum Vitae online and professional networks.

Course 10 – Hour of Code: Introduction to programming.