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Escrita em dia (Writing up to date)

Escrita em Dia (Writing up to date), brings our favourite writers to the various Libraries for inspiring conversations with everyone.

Whether we are talking about established writers or new up coming names in the Portuguese literary scene, the Lisbon Libraries ensure that Escrita em Dia covers all types of literary styles and tastes.

It is the ideal place to exchange ideas with those whom we normally only connect through the written word.

Whether it is the launching of new books, or revisiting our favourite book, or celebrating literary merit prizes, or even being able to get to know and add writers unknown to us to the list of future readings, libraries are the best place for surprising encounters and re- encounters with reading and its protagonists, the writers. And what’s more, you can do it  throughout the year.

Escrita em Dia is a monthly activity, open to everyone, which takes place at different Lisbon Libraries in the city.

To get an up date, check the specific programme for the event and find out where and when you can speak to your favourite writers.