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5L Festival

Lisboa 5L is a literary festival that takes place in Lisbon between May 5 and 9, 2021 and aims to celebrate Language, Literature, Books, Bookstores and Reading. It happens at the initiative of the Lisbon City Council, with the purpose of inscribing the city in the national and international itineraries of festivals dedicated to words, their forms, their places, their audiences, their agents, their lovers. The event takes advantage of Lisbon’s cultural life and combines its dynamism with a series of activities organized specifically for the festival but born from a context that precedes it.

The first edition of Lisboa 5L was announced for May 2020 and some of its activities took place effectively throughout that year: on May 5, Portuguese Language Day (UNESCO) was celebrated; in September, Cinema e 5L in partnership with IndieLisboa, and in December, the educational program “A Janela”. However, the first full edition of Lisboa 5L has been postponed to 2021. It is now announced with a program that includes debates and author tables with an invitation addressed to national and foreign writers and specialists, from dedicated to newcomers. There are also concerts that celebrate the relationship of music with language and literature in different ways, a cinema cycle with the title Filming Literature, a performance and two exhibitions. There are also live broadcasts on Instagram and a digital map of Lisbon’s literary landscapes.

The festival spaces are São Luiz Municipal Theater, the Capitol, the Pharmacy Museum and Cinema Ideal, in addition to the streets and squares of old Lisbon, which will be animated by this nuclear program, as well as by the parallel activities of dozens of partners, from publishers to bookstores and cultural spaces, complicit in the purpose of transforming the city, in these 5 days of May, in the area of ​​a great party dedicated to language and literature.

Lisboa 5L has artistic direction by José Pinho and curatorship and pre-production by Catarina Magro, Raquel Santos, Rita Marquilhas and Rita Marrone.

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