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Pamper and books

This is a project where the Lisbon Libraries welcome babies and their caregivers for an activity that aims to create awareness of the importance of sharing books with babies very early on, promoting reading together as a way of straightening the bonds of affection between the babies and those who care for them.

The project covers 3 age groups: 9 – 15 months, 16 – 21 months  and 22 – 36 months. Each activity is made up of 10 sessions structured so that the babies can learn the routines and the caregivers can grasp the indications for the activities given by the mediation team. These are tender moments of affection and learning where small people and big people learn with each other.

A Lisbon Libraries mediation team is responsible for these activities, which, after a careful bibliographical selection according to the age group of the babies, incorporate musical and sensorial elements, educational and interactive games, introducing a set of easy and simple tools and techniques which caregivers can learn and reproduce later on in other stories. This family time around books is the most enriching experience a family can have in order to form futures readers. Between pamper and books, babies grow and caregivers reinforce their bonds with their little readers. Because it’s never too early to start discovering the magic of books.